New School Marketing Loans:

New School is proud to be partnered with our community to offer affordable low interest loans to fuel your marketing and advertising needs moving forward.

  • Ideal for small businesses and nonprofits looking to harness the power of a full-service marketing agency.
  • Term loan amounts up to $20k are available
  • Term loans and lines of credit to meet the ongoing needs of your business
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible loan terms give your business more options

During these strange times you may feel like it is necessary to pull the plug on your marketing budget, hold off on that website redesign, or even halt your ad spend, but the truth is, now is the time to invest in advertising and marketing. Everyone is working from home and spending countless hours online.

It is easy to think about the short term in times like these. However, you should be thinking about the long term. With many businesses pulling back on marketing and ads, this is the ultimate time to be seen and heard.

If you’re in need of help with your marketing and advertising strategy, but don’t know where to turn… we’ve got your back. Fill out the contact form and we’ll personally reach out to see if financing is the best option for you.

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