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As restaurants and bars across Michigan closed last week due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the greatest challenges facing many restaurant owners and servers is how to keep steady income flowing during these very uncertain times. Many are turning to take-out service as their only source of business. Today, New School announced that they will be developing 1-page take-out/ menu websites for local restaurants in need, free of charge.

“We’ll buy the URL, we’ll design the site, and we’ll host it. All free of charge. No catch!” said Josh Herder, New School’s Director of Brand Strategy. “During these strange times of uncertainty, this is one way we can give back to our local community and make a difference.”

During the next several weeks, possibly months, hundreds of West Michigan restaurant owners, their staff, and families will depend on take-out orders to keep them afloat. Sadly not all restaurants are prepared. In fact, many restaurants do not have websites or menus available online for potential customers to browse and order from.

Knowing that a large majority of consumers make their decisions on take-out food after seeing a menu, New School decided to offer restaurant owners in need another tool to help them get through these tough economic times. That tool… A website dedicated to spreading the word about their menu, take-out options, location and hours of operation. 

“We all know someone that works in the service industry. Without tips and an hourly wage to depend on, these next few weeks and months are going to be challenging for many” said Trevor Dickerson, New School’s Creative Director. “We excel at building websites. There wasn’t ever a question of if we’ll give back, but how. I think we’ve found a great way to support our local community.”

As of today, Morning Star of Grand Haven, Racquets Downtown Grill and the Pizza & Sub Shop of Muskegon, Mama Mia’s Pizza of Spring Lake, and Righteous Cuisine of Grand Haven have all partnered with New School to bring their menus and take-out options online and to the public. With more restaurants to join soon.

West Michigan restaurants interested in a free 1-page site to promote their menu and take-out options are encouraged to contact Josh with New School at: josh@new.scool 

About New School

New School is a web design and full-service marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Muskegon, MI. We specialize in digital marketing, web design, print design, and video production. Our talented team has many years of first-hand experience working day in and day out with clients who are part of the fabric of the West Michigan community. 


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