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Integrated Marketing That Brings You More Leads and More Sales


Many small to medium sized businesses don’t have a comprehensive marketing strategy for their efforts across all verticals, and it is hurting their sales. When your marketing efforts work in unison, stay consistent on branding and allow different marketing campaigns to play off each other, you are going to get powerful results.

The goal of marketing is to bring your more leads, more sales, and more growth. At NewSchool Agency we take an integrated approach to achieving that goal.


The New School Approach to Integrated Marketing

Powerful marketing works like a vehicle: countless moving parts and specialized pieces generating forward momentum, steered by a single entity. When firing on all cylinders, your marketing machine is a thing of beauty. You end up with a modern marketing miracle. But all too often in marketing, those moving parts aren’t working in unison. Goals aren’t synchronized, campaigns fall short, and the vehicle sputters.

Since our inception, we have helped our customers develop fully integrated, collaborative marketing strategies. It’s in our culture, our DNA, to ensure that your left hand works with your right. As simple as it sounds, breaking down the silos and integrating components of your marketing efforts isn’t an easy task. If it was, you wouldn’t need us to show you the way.

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Your Marketing Strategy as a Well-Designed Vehicle for Growth

We put in the time, effort and brainpower to bolt the parts of your marketing strategy togetherto build a vehicle that tells your authentic story and brings you new business. To accomplish this, we bring together three avenues of marketing:

  1. Paid: Digital and traditional paid advertising.
  2. Earned: Public relations (PR) and media coverage.
  3. Owned:Content that includes your website, social media, blogs, white papers, webinars, mobile apps, infographics and more.

As the leader for small to medium sized business marketing in Muskegon, we guide you towards a creative, integrated approach that brings together these three verticals to drive results.

Paid Media to Reach Your Customers Quickly

Despite the popularity of content marketing, paid media is still the king when it comes to quickly reaching your audience and raising brand awareness. If it is done well, consistent traditional and digital advertising can become the foundation of a strong brand. We help our clients develop eye-catching, strategic advertising campaigns that set them apart from the crowd. Paid media works to quickly build your brand awareness, but is even more effective when you combine it with earned and owned media.

Earned Media to Build Your Brand Awareness

Many businesses suffer from aimless, unfocused “anything PR” that confuses your audience and disrupts your efforts to define your brand. We believe that PR should be treated as an extension of your brand marketing. We make sure that what is being said about you in the headlines aligns with the rest of your integrated marketing strategy. With NewSchool Agency, your earned media validates your brand and effectively builds awareness.

Owned Media to Tell Your Authentic Story

You have the chance to engage your customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey, and your owned media is how you accomplish that. Owned media gives you the chance to get more granular with your messaging and educate your customers through your website, social media, blogs, white papers, webinars, mobile apps, infographics and more. With owned media, we will empower your brand to tell its authentic story and connect directly with your customers.


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