New School, an industry leader in marketing and advertising, joined forces with The Muskegon Museum of Art to develop a one-of-a-kind marketing brochure to help raise $9.9M in Muskegon’s largest ever capital campaign.

Developed to raise funds to break ground on an upcoming expansion of the Muskegon Museum of Art, this campaign will transition the Muskegon Museum of Art from a stop-by attraction, into a West Michigan cultural destination.

To raise funds for such an expansion, The Muskegon Museum of Art commissioned New School to develop a concept and design physical marketing materials to aid in the efforts of its largest capital campaign to date, “Shaping the Future.” This capital campaign also happens to be the largest fundraiser in the history of Muskegon County.

The museum approached New School with the requirement of devising informative print materials that tell the story of the upcoming museum expansion, but at the same time, also drove the initial round of donations from influential members of the community.

“Being a business that is fueled by creativity, it was an honor to partner with The Muskegon Museum of Art.” Explained Trevor Dickerson, New School’s Creative Director. “These are the types of projects that creative companies dream of. After speaking and collaborating with the Museum Director and staff about this project, a concept was born. If executed properly, we felt strongly that our strategy for this marketing campaign would produce results in the form of donations tallying in excess of the museum’s goals, while knocking the socks off potential donors with the premium look and feel of the collateral we designed.”

Designed for an artistic venue, New School wanted the marketing materials to have a minimalistic look, modern feel, and creative messaging that honored the museum’s 100+ year history. Coming up with a concept that not only told their story of upcoming changes, but did it in a way that adhered to the Museum’s artistic credibility was no easy task. However, the New School team was up to the challenge.

“New School is proud to call this project a success.” Remarked Josh Herder, New School’s Director of Brand Strategy. “Museum Director, Kirk Hallman shared with us that two-months before announcing the capital campaign to the general public, the printed pieces developed by New School had already helped generate over 70% of the total ($9.9M) fundraising goal.  We relate this early success to the physical feel of the print materials as they were pulled from the envelope in the hands of the donors and the story that the main piece conveyed through well thought-out graphic design and messaging.”

When you hold the printed pieces in your hand, the silky-smooth paper stock is reminiscent of satin.  It physically feels superior to other standard paper stocks.  It certainly achieved the “Wow Factor” effect we were going for.  As far as the design goes, the client liked it so much that they adapted the concept we created and are using it on the walls throughout the interior of the existing museum.  The story told with the copy was written to embrace the museum’s history – as the museum evolves, so does its collection, patrons, and physical space.

“Working with the New School team has been a good experience.” Says Kirk Hallman, Executive Director at The Muskegon Museum of Art. “You [New School] took us out of our comfort zone and the results were terrific. That’s measured by major donor’s reactions to the marketing materials. Sometimes they wanted to talk more about how cool the campaign materials were then the expansion.”

The Muskegon Museum of Art is expected to break ground on the new expansion in 2021 and open the doors to their new galleries in 2023. This expansion will increase permanent exhibition space by 222% and the temporary exhibition space by 60%. To stay up to date on everything happening, make sure to follow along on their social media channels and website.

For more information about this ground breaking marketing campaign, please visit our online case study for a more in-depth detailing of New School’s concept, design, and goals for this marketing effort: 

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