What are Brand Guidelines

What are Brand Guidelines?

Think about some of the brands you have seen in your lifetime… Apple, McDonald’s, Adidas. You’re instantly reminded of these brands when you see certain colors, fonts, or shapes. This isn’t happenstance, it’s because they adhere to a strong set of brand guidelines.

Think of brand guidelines as a rulebook. They are written so that anyone working with your brand has strict rules to follow, assuring your brand imaging and messaging remain cohesive. A cohesive brand is essential to establishing your company’s professional appearance and telling your story with laser precision.

Types of Content for Small Business

Types of Content for Small Business

Content marketing includes so many options beyond the classic blog post. There are many types of content for small business marketing purposes. Everyone has the technical ability to create engaging content thanks to affordable consumer electronics, programs, and their own creativity. Also, it is easier than ever to find and engage marketing agencies and freelance content creators.