Techno Coat 

Technocoat approached New School with an urgent need to find qualified new hires for their powder coating operation in Holland, Michigan. Having experience with hiring campaigns, our team jumped at the opportunity to help Technocoat ease their hiring woes.

The Challenge


  • One of the unpredicted challenges that COVID-19 has thrown at manufacturers is thatstaffing has become a serious issue. It is forcing employers to become creative with how theymarket themselves to potential candidates.In 2021 our client was approached by Honda to start a 3rd shift to fulfill their powder coatingneeds. Interested in the business and hungry for the opportunity, Technocoat had oneproblem… qualified employees.● Finding qualified candidates● Sharing Technocoat’s Story


That’s where we stepped in. When Technocoat came to us with their hiring issues, our team

put together a unique strategy that played to their strengths as one of the top-tier powder

coating companies in the world.

● Focus on the employee experience

● What it’s like to work at Technocoat

● Benefits and pay

The Solution


The strategy we put into place for Technocoat was designed to pull on the emotions of employees who are working for another business, but feel underutilized, underpaid, or otherwise under-recognized at their current place of employment. Through strategic marketing and advertising, we positioned Technocoat as THE powder coater to work in West Michigan.

● Social media advertising

● Video production

● Copywriting

● Graphic Design

● Messaging


With our strategy in place, the execution of this project fell together very nicely. Once all of the marketing assets (video, graphics, copy, and ad accounts) were developed, we turned on the ads and the rest is history. Applications started flooding in within hours. The client was excited about the quality and quantity of applications.

● Massive influx of applications

● Impressive ad engagement

● Qualified applicants

The Results


Since beginning the hiring project for Technocoat, we have seen more than 785 applicants show interest in the job postings. At the height of this campaign, Technocoat was receiving more than 200 applications a month.This example goes to show… if you partner with the right agency and have a solid work environment people will take notice and line up to work for you. It’s all about proper messaging and ad positioning. 


Hiring budget decreased by 34%


Ad clicks


New Applicants each month 9on average)


Increase in optimization


Currently running 3 shifts

Say What?

Client Feedack

“It was evident from the first meeting that the team understood manufacturing and were equipped to help us
tell our story. The process was smooth and professional with a fantastic result. Updates and additional
branding have been a breeze. Thank you New School!”
-Ross Vande Wege, President @ Technocoat
-Compass Credit Union Creative Director


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