Google Calendar – Six Productivity Hacks

Keeping a Google Calendar that is clean, efficient, and productive doesn’t come standard out-of-the-box from Google. However, if you take the time to adjust some defaults and tweak some settings, you can unlock some serious productivity hacks. While there are 100’s of settings within Google Calendar, we distilled this article down to 5 super useful tips you should consider to boost your daily productivity. Let’s jump in!

#1 – When opening a new tab in Chrome simply type in the URL: and a new calendar event will open up and you can start scheduling. This is super efficient for me. I don’t have to track down the link for my calendar, or keep a tap open just for the calendar. Since learning this little shortcut, I use it daily.

#2 – Update your default event notification time. Google sets the default to 10mins. This is a great reminder, but if you’re like me… 10 minutes is just enough time to remind me, and then forget it before an important meeting. Try updating the default to 2 or 1 minute. This way you don’t miss anything.

Go To: Settings > Settings For My Calendars > (Scroll Down to) Event Notifications

Six Productivity Tips for Google Calendar

#3 – Consider allowing your guests to modify the event by default. This works great for me, sometimes I’m just setting up the event and then others need to take over, or I’ll have a conflict. When you allow other users to modify the event, they can then invite others, change locations, links, etc… so that the meeting or event goes off without a hitch.

Go to: Settings > General > Event Settings > Modify Event

Six Productivity Tips for Google Calendar

#4 – If you’re a business (like ours) who has clients in multiple time zones, you should consider displaying multiple time zones to make scheduling easy for you and your clients regardless of their location.

Go to: Settings > General > World Clock > Show World Clock (CHECK BOX) > Add Time Zones

Six Productivity Tips for Google Calendar

Six Productivity Tips for Google Calendar

Once you have this set up. You will easily be able to see time difference in the regions your clients are.

#5 – Email yourself your daily agenda. This can be super useful and a great way to remind yourself of everything on your schedule each day. By setting up this email notification, you will receive an email each day at 5:00 AM with your schedule for the day.

Go To: Settings > Settings for My Calendars > Event Notifications > Other Notifications > Select “Email” Under Daily Agenda

I hope you found these Google Calendar tips helpful for your daily productivity! Check out the New School Industry Insights page for more tips, tricks, and marketing knowledge.

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