Social Media Holidays in December 2022

Social Media Holidays in December 2022

Is it safe to assume you’re looking for content to spruce up your company’s Social Media Holidays in December 2022? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived to the correct place. Our team of marketing specialists has compiled a list of public holidays and real-life events that are fun to commemorate on social media with your followers. This list is intended to provide you with some fresh ideas as you prepare your content calendar for the month.

Social Media Holidays in December, 2022

  • December 1: World AIDS Day #WAD2022
  • December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities #IDPWD
  • December 4: National Cookie Day #NationalCookieDay
  • December 5: World Soil Day #WorldSoilDay
  • December 6: Microwave Oven Day #MicrowaveOvenDay
  • December 8: Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day #PretendToBeATimeTravelerDay
  • December 10: Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay and Nobel Prize Day #NobelPrizeDay and National Salesperson Day #SalespersonDay
  • December 11: International Mountain Day #InternationalMountainDay
  • December 21: Crossword Puzzle Day #CrosswordPuzzleDay
  • December 27: No Interruptions Day #NoInterruptionsDay

We hope you enjoyed our list of social media and traditional holidays. Hopefully they spark ideas for your upcoming social media content. Come back next month for more great social media holiday ideas. Need more help with your social media marketing? Our team can help you develop a strategy and help grow your business. Learn more here:

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