Pinterest Small Business Strategies

Pinterest is an aspirational social media platform. People use it to make plans, create vision boards, and curate ideas that inspire them. Effective Pinterest Small business strategies recognize that pinners engage with content that help them reach their goals or may make their lives better in some way.

Like other platforms, success on Pinterest begins with your profile. Chose an on-brand username, profile avatar and craft an engaging bio. Pinterest also allows you to feature your best pin boards. Consider using those featured boards to highlight what makes your brand special. Successful influencers and brands sometimes create custom Pin covers for their keyboards and write an engaging description for each board.

Next verify ownership of your website on Pinterest and optimize this website by setting up Rich Pins. This allows you to better track when users pin your content and it also influences how your content is displayed on Pinterest. Even if you don’t plan to use Pinterest, we recommend that anyone in a relevant field set up a Pinterest profile, verify ownership of their website, and optimize their website for rich pins. Pinterest also allows users to claim their Instagram, YouTube and Etsy profiles. If you are active on any of those platforms, be sure to make use of that opportunity since it may help you reach a new audience.
How to Drive Engagement on Pinterest
Pinterest is less conversational than other social media networks, but it is still somewhat social. Treat it as a hybrid of a visual social media platform like Instagram and a search engine like Google.

Many small businesses overlook the content discovery aspect of Pinterest. In many ways, optimizing for content discover on this platform is a lot like search engine optimization. Use strategic keywords in your descriptive copy to make it easy for your potential customers to find you through Pinterest’s search function. However, Pinterest is a visual platform favoring vertically oriented content. Attractive images are a must on Pinterest whether they represent a product, a service, or a piece of content. The best way to promote engagement on Pinterest is to publish beautiful images with engaging caption copy.

Next, Pinterest appears to favor active users as many brands find they receive more pins and repins if they themselves pin frequently. Curate lifestyle-themed boards that address your ideal customer’s interests and repin high-quality third party content as well as your own content. This strategy will attract more visitors to your boards and if your original pins are of equal quality then they will attract repins and click throughs.

Another popular engagement strategy is to join group boards where members add to a collaborative board. This practice expands your audience as long as the group board is a good fit. To find appropriate boards, search Pinterest and send a personal message to the administrator of any board you hope to join. Once accepted, be careful to follow that group board’s rules otherwise this approach may backfire.

Pinterest offers the opportunity to send messages to members or to comment on pins. You may find this an effective strategy, but be careful not to spam users.
What Type of Content is Best on Pinterest?
Pins are a unique type of content involving an image, a written description, and possibly a link. Vertically oriented images tend to pop within a user’s Pinterest feed but the platform allows other aspect ratios. Many users find pins containing the color red or other colors that coordinate well with red receive the most engagement.

Content Tricks on Pinterest
• Informative infographics also work well on Pinterest especially if the graphic offers tips or hacks to solve common problems.
• Be sure to pin any content you produce that aligns with Pinterest such as guides, recipes, tip-oriented posts.
• Recipes and food related content often do well since some use Pinterest as a recipe box or custom food magazine.
• If you are in a wedding, travel, or event industry then be sure to pin attractive images from your website and link to relevant pages for booking or additional details.
• Fashion, beauty, style and home decor content also does well on Pinterest.
• Since Pinterest embeds YouTube videos, share any tip, technique, demonstration, or tutorial videos.

Pinterest offers sophisticated advertising options including sponsored pins. Pinterest is also a commerce-friendly platform. According to their own data, 90% of active weekly pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases. For some brands, Pinterest may be the right platform for social advertising campaigns.

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