Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture Leads on Your Website

Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture Leads on Your Website

Your social media presence is a powerful lead generation tool with a little strategic planning. Many challenges in utilizing social media traffic to generate leads results from a lack of strategy and unrealistic expectations. 

Whether you have a long-time presence on social media or you are just establishing your profile, try these tips to integrate your social media with your lead generation campaigns.

All Social Media Traffic Should be Sent to a Landing Page or Funnel

Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture LeadsWhenever you link to your own website, be sure that page is optimized to capture leads or to send the visitor to a page funnel. In some cases, you may want to drive your social traffic to a campaign specific landing page and in other cases to a blog post or long-form content.

If sending traffic to a blog post, be sure to incorporate an opt-in offer or incentive to subscribe to your email list. Tracking methods may record which content results in subscriptions and this information may help you better understand what that person is within the buyer journey. Your subscriber list is your most valuable asset since these are the people who gave you permission to promote your services and products. Nurture these leads with more of the content they desire.

An opt-in offer is an effective strategy to get social media visitors to subscribe to your list. The key is the offer must be valuable to your ideal customer and address one of their pain points. For some brands, exclusive long-form content like whitepapers and resource guides is the perfect opt-in but others may offer a one-time discount or free consultation. 

Boosting Your Content Audience With Paid Advertising 

Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture LeadsMost social media platforms limit your organic reach to just a portion of your followers. The more your followers engage and share the more people see it. Boosting content through advertising expands the reach. Most networks also offer sophisticated targeting options such as lookalike audiences that may help generate more new leads and followers. 

Whenever you opt for advertising that funnels people to your website, be sure to have a lead capture mechanism in place to make best use of that traffic. Some brands also do well with follower acquisition campaigns to attract new followers. Then they warm those leads over time by posting engaging content to that channel.

Offer Your Content for Free…For Something…

Sometimes small business managers question the value in creating long-form opt-in content. Such content requires time, resources, and expertise to produce. Giving it away for “free” may seem overly generous. However, opt-in offers are gated and the price of admission is the visitor’s contact information. Any direct marketer knows, your subscriber list is your most valuable marketing asset! This is especially true when members opted to join because they value your expertise. 

Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture LeadsContests and giveaways are another variation of giving something away… for something. Social media contents attract engagement and may help build your leads list. One strategy is to offer something that is only of interest to members of your ideal customer base. For example, if you give away a trip to Hawaii then you will receive entries from people who may or may not have any interest in your product. However, if the prize is more niche you will receive fewer entries but more actual leads. For example, a bookstore may give away a VIP ticket to their next book signing event complete with an autographed book from the author. Some may enter in hopes of giving the prize away as a gift, but most of the entrants will be book fans.

Webinars are a third variation of giving away content to gain leads. Knowledge based professionals may offer an introductory class on a topic of special interest to members of their clientbase. 

Utilize A/B Testing to See What is Most Effective

Effective lead generation techniques tend to be audience and brand specific. Unfortunately, this means some business marketers experience a lot of trial and error when finding the best way to turn their content into a lead generating activity. This is where A/B testing shines. Instead of wasting time blindly fumbling with new ideas, test two variations of one aspect. This helps you see what your audience responds to. A/B testing also takes time but it is a calculated strategy to make your trial and error process more efficient and effective.

When planning your A/B tests, be sure to create two exact variations of the same piece of content. Vary just one element like a single accent color, a graphic, the headline, or the call to action. If you test the content on enough of your audience, then you will discover which aspects resonate best with your audience. For the most part, you need specialized marketing software to conduct A/B tests. Some social media platforms, like Facebook, integrate A/B testing as an advertising option.

When developing your content strategy, consider possible touch points where you offer your readers and social media followers an opportunity to join your list and enter your sales funnel. For high value products, you may need multiple touchpoints to transform a lead into a customer. However, that process won’t being until you start implementing a lead generation program into your content strategy.

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